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Foto: Judith Kraft

Accomodation & Travel

There are several options for accommodation available. Except for staying at DHH, you have to book and pay yourself! 

This map shows the location of the recommendations below.

Deutscher Hochseeverband Hansa (DHH)

DHH offers youth-hostel style rooms. We have reserved a set of rooms, two persons per room with a bath room shared between two rooms. This is by far the most cost-efficient way of attending this summer school. Except for staying at DHH, you have to book and pay yourself!

Please tell us during registration if you want to stay at DHH! We will arrange payment and reservation.

As of May 11th, the DHH is fully booked! Unless there are cancellations, you have to look for alternatives!

Strandhotel Glücksburg 

Right next door to DHH is the four-star hotel "Strandhotel Glücksburg". It is a 7 minute walk from the hotel to DHH along the beach promenade. While considerably more comfortable than DHH, it is also considerably more expensive. 

Single rooms are around 130€ - 190€ a night, double rooms between 150 and 290€ a night (highly depends on time of booking).

Hotels or Boarding house (Pension) 

Glücksburg itself does not have too many hotels in immediate vicinity to DHH apart from the Strandhotel. There are, nonetheless, several options within a reasonable distance, for example:  

Single rooms at these places run between 50 € and 80 € a night. Double rooms are between 80€ and 130€ a night. The exact price will depend on the time of your booking!


Since Glücksburg is a typical Baltic beach resort town, there are a lot of holiday apartments available, many of them very close to DHH. You can find a list at the town's list of apartments (in German only).

Staying at other places 

There are further options available around Glücksburg; staying in Flensburg is also an option. But be advised that public transport is not a good option to get to and from DHH. You really want a (rental) car if you choose to stay in Flensburg or farther away.



The closest international airport is Hamburg (airport code: HAM). HAM is well serviced by several airlines, in particular, Lufthansa, with excellent connections to Munich and Frankfurt (either about 1 hour flight time). 

Since getting from Hamburg airport to Glücksburg by public transportation is somewhat cumbersome, we will arrange for a shuttle service to arrive for the start of the summer school and leaving at the end.

Please let us know if you are interested in using this shuttle service. We will try to arrange shuttle services at convenient times. Please let us know, as soon as possible, when your flight arrives at/leaves from Hamburg. 


The easiest way is to take a train to Flensburg (about 2 hours from Hamburg main station) and from there a taxi to DHH (about 20 minutes, about 30 - 40 €). Public transport from Flensburg main station to DHH can easily take an hour. 

We will be happy to assist with group travel from Flensburg train station, if necessary.


Driving to DHH is straightforward, but be prepared for traffic jams on the motorway A7 (between Hamburg and Flensburg) due to major road work. There is ample parking at DHH and at most of the hotels. 

Street address is Philosophenweg 1, Glücksburg.






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