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Foto: Judith Kraft


A summary of the TENTATIVE registration fees (still subject to change): 

  • Registration, including lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, team-building event, etc: 400 € early registration / 500 € late registration  
    • Sponsor registration: 700 € 
    • Gold sponsor registration: 1000 €
    • Platinum sponsor registration: 2000 € and up 
  • ( Shared double room at DHH: 130 €  (for three nights, Monday to Thursday) )
  • ( Additional night at DHH: 45 € (Sunday to Monday or Thursday to Friday) )
  • ( If you want to use a double room alone, the prices double (i.e., 260 € for three nights or 350 € for four nights). ) 
  • Airport shuttle: 35 € (one way!) (see Travel page for details) 

As of May 11th, the DHH is fully booked! Unless there are cancellations, you have to look for alternatives!


  • Early registration ends: April 30 
  • Final registration ends: May 25 

After early registration, there is a 100 € surcharge; i.e., registration will be 500 € instead of 400 €! 


To register, please send an email with the following information: 

  • Your first name and last name 
  • Your email address 
  • Optionally: a cell phone number 
  • Any dietary requirements you might have (vegetarian, ...) 
  • Whether you want to stay at the DHH or whether you are looking for external accommodation yourself 
    • If yes: Whether you need an additional night (Sunday to Monday and/or Thursday to Friday)
    • If yes: Whether you have any room-sharing preferences 
  • Whether you want to use the airport shuttle (Monday, Thursday, or both)

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