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Foto: Judith Kraft

Active Projects

Our research interests are pursued within a number of projects, highlighted below. Each project is described in detail on a separate page. Further we are strongly committed to the exchange of research results, tools and environments. Information is available on the pertaining project pages.

Please click on the project title for further information. 

DiDoZ Etteln (Digital Twin Etteln)

Funding: BMEL (Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft)

Project time: 11/2022-10/2025.

Institutions: Paderborn University (UPB), Etteln aktiv e.V., FIWARE Foundation e.V., Gemeinde Borchen, Hypertegrity AG, safety innovation center gGmbH, solutiT GmbH; Team @ UPB

DyMoNet - Dynamic Mobile Networks

Small cell base stations on cars, resource management in such dynamic environments.
Funding: DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

Project time: 09/2021-08/2024.

Institutions: Paderborn University, TU Berlin, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Team @ UPB: Dr. Florian Klingler (PI).

Acoustic Sensor Networks

One of the properties and main challenges of a WSN is its resource limitation. Unlike low-data rate applications, data acquisition for high resolution applications obviously have high requirements (e.g., processing power, transmission rate).

One such high-resolution is distributed collection and processing of acoustic signals: such acoustic sensor networks (ASN) are the focus of this DFG Forschergruppe (DFG Research Group). Specifically, we look into virtualization of the ASN for real-time acoustic applications. It considers resource-aware programming to guarantee high quality without exhausting network resources.

  • 1st Duration: 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019
  • 2nd Duration: 01.02.2020 - 31.01.2023


Network Informed Control-Control Informed Network

This DFG Sponsored project aims to develop theoretical basis for the paradigm change from throughput to real time oriented Communication for Network Control System in order to meet Cyber- Physical Systems application requirements.The project is looking for integration of all communication ,control and system components tightly (horizontal and vertical) to explicitly exploit their individual elasticity and potential.

Duration: 01.01.2017 -30.06.2021

SFB 901: "On-The-Fly Computing"

This is a research project funded by the DFG collaborative research center SFB 901 "On-The-Fly-Computing". The research center investigates individually and automatically configured IT services which are composed from and executed on a marked of world wide traded combinalbe services and execution platforms. Within this research center our research group investigates the the communication network as one important ingredient for such market platform. Our research covers the realization and optimization of overlays over real networks. More details can be found on the project's own webpage.

  • 1st Duration: 01.07.2011 - 30.06.2015
  • 2nd Duration: 01.07.2015 - 30.06.2019
  • 3rd Duration: 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2023
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