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Foto: Judith Kraft Show image information

Foto: Judith Kraft

Teamprojekt Systementwurf: Monitoring WiNe - A Wireless Platform for “Monitoring Wireless Networks”

The number of wireless devices keeps increasing, thanks to their ease of mobility and scalability. As the number of wireless devices increases, it becomes, however, a real challenge for network engineers and administrators to keep track of the performance and ensure a minimum quality of service.

Accordingly, we need a monitoring tool to understand the network behavior and predict its performance. Hence, we can react proactively to any changes that can degrade the network performance. Although such open source tools exist for wired networks (e.g., Zabbix), these tools still do not monitor wireless parameters.

In contrast to wired networks, wireless networks operate in a broadcast domain, where one sending device could be interfering with neighboring devices. Therefore, parameters such as channel attenuation between devices plays a crucial role for network performance.

Although there exist wireless platforms that can monitor the network performance, they collect the results through either wired backbone networks (e.g., Meraki), or additional wireless devices only for monitoring purposes (e.g., netbeez).

In this project, the students will be developing a software platform that can monitor network performance and send the results wirelessly without the help of any additional devices (“in-band reporting”). The students will work on Linux-based systems and Raspberry Pi devices. Throughout the project, they will learn basics of wireless networking and get familiar with some networking and system administration tools.

On the main website about the teamproject you can find more information!

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