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Foto: Judith Kraft

SanDMAN - Service Development and Management for softwAre-defined Networks

Network functions like firewalls, proxies, load balancers, or intrusion detections systems are essential parts of today's Internet. They are typically implemented as dedicated hardware boxes that today have to be configured and integrated into the network by hand. They are a first step towards the broader vision of Edge Computing and Distributed Cloud Computing, where computing and storage is provided close to the user rather than in far-away data centers as in today’s (centralized) Cloud Computing systems.

The concept of network function virtualization (NFV) replaces these dedicated boxes by software implementations running on virtualized commodity servers in existing cloud environments. But developing, deploying, and testing these virtualized network functions (VNFs) is still a challenging task with a lot of manual steps. This task becomes even more complicated when multiple network functions are chained together creating a so-called network function service chain.

The goal of this project group is to develop a set of tools that help service developers and service operators to create, test, deploy, and manage new network services and distributed cloud applications. Using these tools, network services and applications can be developed with the DevOps pattern reducing their time to market.

To successfully participate in this project group, you should like: networking, systems aspects, programming, system development, Linux.

Lectures: You should have participated in the Bachelor lectures Verteilte Systeme/Distributed Systems (or equivalent); it is highly recommended that you also participated in Rechnernetze/Computer Networks (or equivalent).

The project group offers the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art cloud and network technologies, including prominent open source projects, like OpenStack, OpenDaylight or Mininet. An ideal outcome of the project group would be to contribute code to such open-source projects, ensuring lasting visibility and real-world impact of your work.

The project group is organized by  the Computer Networks group (Prof. Karl) and takes place in the context of the European project SONATA

You have to use PAUL to register for this PG: L.079.07021 Project Group: SanDMAN - Service Development and Management for softwAre-defined Networks

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