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Foto: Judith Kraft

Future Internet


This lecture is an attempt to capture current developments in Internet and networking research. It does not follow a standard agenda, it is heavily focused on research and goes over various, not necessarily well connected topics that are currently attracting a lot of attention in research and industrial development. There is no standard textbook; we shall pick and choose from recent publications. 

At the same time, it is a follow-up to the Bachelor lecture Computer Networks (and serves, in this sense, as a Computer Networks II). We shall delve more deeply into topics that were only superficially discussed in Computer Networks. 

Given that this is highly research-focussed and tries to be up-to-date, this lecture is going to be a learning experience for everybody involved, in particular, the lecturer himself! Do not expect ultimate answers, rather expect questions. Also, to profit most from this lecture, it makes a lot of sense to read some of the research papers yourself.

To foster this aspect, we shall make use of the Studienleistung/qualifizierte Teilnahme/qualifying participation mechanism: participants can pick a paper which they will briefly present and lead a discussion on this paper. We will discuss details how to manage that in class as this will heavily depend on the number of participants. 

Teaching language is English.

See PANDA for further details. 

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