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Foto: Judith Kraft Show image information

Foto: Judith Kraft

Place and Time

Lecture and homework assignment time slot will be fused: 

  • Tuesday, 11:00-14:00 
  • Friday, 8:00-11:00

Room: partially online, partially offline - stay tuned for updates! See PANDA for details. 

The first lecture (likely) starts on Tuesday, October, 27th

Several regularly scheduled time slots likely will have to be canceled. Since both lecture and homework assignment discussion will be done by the lecturer, there is only limited flexibility to compensate for that - we have to discuss options in class.

WS 2020 / 2021, L.079.05706

SWS: 2  LP/ECTS: 6 (together with the exercise class)

Please use PAUL. Registration for this lecture in PAUL is required.

The University for the Information Society