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Foto: Judith Kraft

Networked Embedded Systems


The objective of this course is to gain insights into the operation and programming of embedded systems. A strong focus is on wireless sensor networks. We study the fundamentals of such sensor networks. In the scope of the exercises, we discuss selected topics in more detail.

  • Design and architecture of embedded systems: Architecture of embedded systems, programming paradigms
  • Sensor networks: Principles and applications
  • Wireless communications: Concepts of modulation and encoding on the physical layer
  • Wireless access: Typical medium access protocols for low-power sensor nodes
  • Routing: Ad hoc routing and data centric communication
  • Clustering: Clustering algorithms, guaranteed connectivity
  • Localization: Ranging techniques, localization algorithms

Learning Outcome: The learning objective is to understand the fundamental concepts of networked embedded systems. Students understand these concepts and are able to apply this knowledge.

Teaching language is English.

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