Open-source software

Most of our software is released via our group's GitHub presence - please have a look at CN-UPB@Github. 

Repositories of particular interest:

  • B-JointSP: Joint placement and scaling of bidirectional network services with stateful virtual or physical network functions
  • Network service simulation compiler: Automatically generate simulation code (OMNeT++) for network services that are specified as Petri nets."
  • Containernet: Use Docker containers as host in Mininet emulations.
  • Maxinet: An extended version of Mininet, capable to run across a cluster of machines. 
  • DCT2Gen: A generator for data-center style traffic based on stochastic properties of Layer2 traffic traces.
  • NetSLS:  Integration Hadoop's scheduler with Maxinet 
  • OpenBarista: An orchestration framework for NFV. 
  • FCAPP: Placement of NFV functions in a mobile backhaul network to handle coordination mechanisms like CoMP
  • Flexible services placement: Dealing with NFV chains where function can be reordered; simulation code. 
  • KOI Radio Resource Management: Framework for RRM in industrial contexts, real-time scheduling