PhD Theses

2022 Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Schneider Network and Service Coordination: Conventional and Machine Learning Approaches 28.01.2022
2021 Dr. rer. nat. Asif Hasnain Automating Network Resource Allocation for Coflows with Deadlines 12.11.2021
2020 Dr. rer. nat. Hadi Razzaghi Kouchaksaraei Orchestrating Network Services Using Multi-domain Heterogeneous Resources 28.09.2020
2020 Dr. rer. nat. Manuel Peuster Enhancing Development and Deployment of Softwarised Network Services 16.01.2020

Dr. rer. nat. Sevil Dräxler

Scaling, Placement and Routing for Pliable Virtualzied Composed Services

2018 Dr. rer. nat. Mohammad Elattar Reliable Communications within Cyber-Physical Systems Using the Internet (RC4CPS) 27.11.2018
  Dr. rer. nat. Arne Schwabe Data-Centre Traffic Optimisation using Software-Defined Networks 21.02.2018
2017 Dr. rer. nat. Sebastien Auroux Flow Processing-aware Control Application Placement 30.11.2017
2016 Dr. rer. nat.
Matthias Keller
Application Deployment at Distributed Clouds 03.05.2016
2015 Dr. rer. nat.
Martin Dräxler
Resource allocation and scheduling in dense mobile access networks 12.06.2015
  Dr. rer. nat.
Philip Wette
Optimizing Software-Defined Networks using Application-Layer Knowledge 07.07.2015
  Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Blanckenstein Wireless Sensor Networks for Flight Applications 25.08.2015
2014 Dr. rer. nat.
Matthias Herlich
Reducing Energy Consumption of Radio Access Networks 18.02.2014
  Dr. rer. nat.
Jörn Künsemöller
Tragedy of the common cloud : game theory on the infrastructure-as-a-service market 13.05.2014
  Dr. rer. nat. Rana Azeem Muhammad Khan MAC protocols for cooperative diversity in wireless sensor networks 24.10.2014
2013 Dr. rer. nat. Christian Dannewitz NetInf - Network of Information : an information-centric networking architecture for the future internet 11.06.2013
2012 Dr. rer. nat. Thorsten Biermann Dealing with backhaul network limitations in coordinated multi-point deployments 30.10.2012
  Dr. rer. nat. Pedro Andrés Aranda Gutiérrez PaRArch: An Alternative Routing Architecture for the Internet 15.01.2013
2011 Dr. rer. nat. Hermann Simon Lichte Quantifying and reducing the cost of cooperative relaying in wireless multi-hop networks 17.06.2011
2010 Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Valentin Cooperative relaying and its application : from analysis to prototypes 08.03.2010
  Dr. Ing. Dereje Hailemariam Woldegebreal Network-coded cooperation in wireless networks : theoretical analysis and performance evaluation 13.04.2010