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DiDoZ Etteln (Digital Twin Etteln)

As a cooperation with our project partners we develop a digital twin of the small town Etteln near Paderborn, Germany. The main focus of this project is to incorporate intelligent sensing functions to existing infrastructure and the environment together with smart mobility mechanisms to support community vehicles for rent. Challenging aspects of the project are how to adapt wireless communication technologies (e.g., 5G, LoRaWAN, etc.) to fulfill requirements for a variety of different application domains in rural areas. Based on an Open Data Platform the sensed information is aggregated and integrated to support a Village App where residents can inform themselves about hyper-local weather conditions, emergencies, availability of community vehicles and much more.


  • Paderborn University (UPB),
  • Etteln aktiv e.V., FIWARE Foundation e.V., Gemeinde Borchen,
  • Hypertegrity AG,
  • safety innovation center gGmbH,
  • solutiT GmbH;
  • Team @ UPB
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DiDoZ Etteln

Information about the project:     

Project members: Dr. Florian Klingler (PI)
  Dr. Christoph Weskamp (PI)
  Marvin Illian, M.Sc. (PI)
Project website: N.N.
Type: BMEL project
Started: November 2022
Finished: Active

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