Chsim: A Wireless channel simulator for OMNeT++

Project notes

The ChSim channel state generator is based on the OMNeT++ discrete event simulation system [4]. It is a complete redesign of the SnrGenerator tool developed at the TKN group [5]. We thank Randy Vu and James Groß (TKN) for the provision of the original version.

ChSim 2.1.1 is part of the MiXiM modeling framework [6].

Simulator structure

The ChSim channel state generator consists of the following modules:

  • TriggerGen: triggers channel state generation, used for timing control
  • MobileStation: Calculation of mobility and channel model for M links, source for channel state values
  • ChannelManager: Collects messages and controls message flow
  • FileWriter: Outputs channel state values to a file

This modular structure makes it easy to use in own simulators, e.g. by exchanging TriggerGen and FileWriter with own modules, in order to process the generated values on the fly.


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Information about the project:     
Project members:Holger Karl
Stefan Valentin
Type:Internal Research
Started:September 2005
Finished:December 2006
Contact:Holger Karl