TANDEM - Ein extrem verbrauchsarmes, skalierbares, tandemprozessorbasiertes Funksystem für sensorische, aktuatorische und kennzeichnende Anwendungen

An extremly power-efficient, scalable, Tandem-processor-based radio system for sensing and actuation application

As part of the BMBF-funded TANDEM project, our research group is looking at integrating so-called diversity techniques into wireless sensor networks. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Network coding in wireless sensor networks
  • Partial forwarding of only correctly received parts of a packet in order to prevent error propagation
  • Integration of diversity techniques with energy-efficient MAC protocols and investigating its effect on energy consumption. This is desirable because the current MAC protocols for WSN's try to minimize the energy utilization by addressing issues such as efficient scheduling, idle listening and Overhearing. However these protocols do not take advantage of additional collaboration from distant nodes with relatively low SNR values but which can possibly participate in cooperative communication.


  • Rana Azeem M. Khan, Holger Karl: "Multihop Performance of Cooperative Preamble Sampling MAC" (CPS-MAC) in Wireless Sensor Networks, Proc. 10th International conference on Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks (ADHOC-NOW 2011), July 2011.
  • Rana Azeem M. Khan, Holger Karl: "Cooperative Communication to Improve Reliability and Efficient Neighborhood Wakeup in Wireless Sensor Networks" in Proc. 4th International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMM 2010), Oct 2010.


Information about the project:     
Project members:Holger Karl
Rana Azeem M. Khan
Tobias Volkhausen
Dereje Woldegebreal
Project website:http://www.tandem-projekt.de/
Type:Inno Profile Project
Contact:Holger Karl