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Material for the lecture

No script, just slides and pointers to papers. Slides will be made available in PAUL (or PANDA, if the majority of students insists)! 

Currently planned agenda: 

  • Switching architectures 
  • Congestion control, buffer management in IP networks (especially, data-center networks) 
  • Flow-based networking (MPLS, OpenFlow, Software-Defined Networking, P4) 
  • Network function virtualization (NFV) and distributed cloud computing  
  • Data-center networking  

Parts of the lecture (switching architecture) will be heavily based on material by Prof. Yashar Ganjali, University of Toronto in his lecture Packet Switch and Network Architectures (used by permission). You can check the original material there. For SDN, there is an excellent reading list available. 

Homework assignments: We shall try to find a flexible and interesting way for homework assignments. There will be no graded assignments - use your own wisdom to decide how much time to invest but keep in mind that homework assignments are relevant for the exam! You should bring sufficient intrinsic motivation to this class to want to try out things on your own, and we will be more than happy to help there. 

Screen casts will be made available on a best-effort basis! Do not rely on all of the technical setup working properly; it usually does not. 

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