Mobile Communication


This lecture gives an overview of systems, architectures, protocols for wireless and mobile communication systems. 

We will cover, among others: 

  • Wireless communication and wireless channel models
  • Medium access in wireless systems
  • Wireless local networks (esp. IEEE 802.11) 
  • Cellular systems
  • Techniques to assess performance of such systems and their protocols

The lecture will be taught in English.


As prerequisites for this class, you should have completed a typical Bachelor-level class on computer networks. Without such a class, we cannot recommend participating in this Master class. Ideally, your Bachelor class emphasized phyiscal-layer aspects a bit more than is typically the case in many computer science programs. 

If in doubt, you should have a look at this self-assessment test: 21 questions that should give you an idea how well prepared you are for this class. It is a totally anonymous test, for your own consideration.