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Teamprojekt Systementwurf: LoRa 4 Emergency

Robust wireless communication systems (e.g., LoRa -- Long Range Communication) have gained much attraction in various application domains ranging from Smart Farming up to Environmental Monitoring Solutions and Disaster Detection where the prime example is the reliable dissemination of data over large distances. A promising use case for this type of communication are Emergency applications, where small pieces of data need to be transmitted in areas where no or little cellular coverage is available.
Particularly in scenarios, where cellular networks completely fail, e.g., in disaster areas like the flooding in the Ahr Valley in summer 2021, this type of communication could be beneficial to allow the exchange of emergency messages in highly challenging networking situations supporting first responders and rescue teams.

In the context of this Team-Project we build a distributed Wireless Emergency Network based on the LoRa networking technology, to support e.g., Smart-Phones to disseminate information in disaster situations by using WLAN and LoRa communication over larger distances.
Within this project, participants will design and implement strategies to efficiently disseminate information from Smart-Phones to WLAN/LoRa gateways, and further to other gateways to finally reach other networking participants.
The developed networking architecture will help to build robust and resilient networking capabilities to allow basic networking services in areas and situations, where no cellular network is available.

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