Large Scale Ad Hoc Network

The goal of this project group is a combined simulation and hardware experimental platform to study scalability issues in mobile ad hoc networks. For this, about one hundred mobile micro-computers equipped with radio transceiver modules will be set up with an appropriate software which allows the fast implementation of different communication protocols. To analyze the performance of the network protocol a logging and visualization tool likewise a simulation environment will be added.

On this experimental platform two network protocols will be explored.

First, the network design PAMANET (Paderborn Mobile Ad Hoc Network) developed in the preceding project group "Mobile Ad Hoc Networks based on Wireless LAN". PAMANET provides scalability and reliability even in a mobile environment. To test these features, the micro-computers will be tested in a mobile setting.

Second, a sensor network design developed for the use in super markets. For this, the test nodes will be placed in such a location to analyze the performance and quality of the communication development.

More information about this project group can you find here.