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Homework assignments

Homework/Team-project assignments (Tutorial, Exercises):

There will be regular Homeworks as well as a Team-Project during the semester.

All material will be made available in Panda. Further, all master classes also need to credit “Studienleistung”.

To achieve the "Studienleistung", participants have to successfully pass at least 2 Homeworks and the team-project.

Each Homework and the Team-Project will be graded as pass/fail. It is possible (and we highly encourage you) to form teams of up to 4 persons for working on the homework and team-project assignments.

You should bring sufficient intrinsic motivation to this class to want to try out things on your own, and we will be more than happy to help there. In particular we focus in the Homework/Team-project assignments on Contiki-OS (

Screen casts will be made available on a best-effort basis! Do not rely on all of the technical setup working properly; it usually does not.

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