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Open topics for Master's and Bachelor's theses

Currently, we are offering the following topics for Bachelor's and Master's thesis topics. If you have a specific interest or a concrete idea for a topic related that is a aligned to the research areas of our group, we will be happy to discuss your ideas and defined a suitable thesis topic on a case by case basis.

External theses: Our group maintains cooperations with academic and industrial research groups in Europa and beyond. We will also announce these possibilities below. Please note that we are not interested in supervising external Master's theses unless there is an established cooperation.

Proposed topics

Topic Project Type Supervisor
FPGA Acceleration of Shallow Water Simulations (thesis completed, followup projects possible) MSc Tobias Kenter
Targeted Overclocking on FPGAs
(topic currently unavailable, requires lab access)
MSc Michael Laß
Tomasulo Simulator Web Application (reserved) BSc, MSc Christian Plessl
MPI Communication Benchmarking with Julia BSc, MSc Christian Plessl
Higher-Order Submatrix Methods MSc Robert Schade


Currently Running Projects

Topic Project Type Supervisor
Entwicklung und Optimierung eines Designs zur Berechnung der Autokorellationsfunktion auf FPGAs BSc Tobias Kenter
Checkpointing and Restarting of HPC Computations MSc Lukas Mazur
Sparse BiCGSTAB Solver Library Implementation for Intel and Xilinx FPGAs MSc Tobias Kenter
HPC Job-Data Analysis MSc Robert Schade

Massively Parallel 4D Stencil Computations in Julia


Carsten Bauer

Submatrix Method Toolbox in Julia MSc Christian PlesslCarsten Bauer

Inter-Node Multi-GPU Performance Benchmarks

BSc Lukas  Mazur / Carsten Bauer
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Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl


Christian Plessl
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