Te­a­ching Win­ter Term 2020/21

Course Table
PAUL No Level Language Course Instructor
L.079.05102 Bachelor German Modellierung Hüllermeier
L.079.05717 Master English Machine Learning I Ramaswamy
L.079.05709 Master English Online and Adaptive Machine Learning Bengs
L.079.05739 Master English Planning and Heuristic Search Lettmann
L.079.07005 Master English Project Group: MABA - Multi-armed bandit algorithms (Part 2)


L.079.07007 Master English Project Group: ML4PdM - Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance (Part 1) T. Tornede
L.079.08004 Master English Seminar:
Machine Learning
L.079.08101 Ba/Ma Ger/Eng Research Seminar:
Machine Learning