Pri­O­SS: a Pri­va­cy One-Stop Shop


The goal of this project is to build a web portal that works as a one-stop shop for people to get privacy information. It should provide useful and usable resources to increase users’ digital privacy literacy, raise their awareness, and empower them to gain control over their data. The initial focus is on developing transparency-enhancing applications to be integrated within the portal, supporting users in understanding how their data are collected and used by different online services.


  • Literature research on usable privacy
  • User research to gather requirements for privacy needs (What would people like to know about digital privacy? What controls do they need?)
  • Design and implementation of a set of web applications to support users in understanding  how their data is collected and used by popular internet services (e.g., social networks)
  • Evaluation of the implemented prototypes


  • Motivation to work in a team, self-organizing abilities, enthusiastic about usable privacy

We are looking for team members with different skills:

  • Developers: you have a solid programming background and experience with back-end or front-end development
  • UX/HCI Researchers: you have knowledge in human-centered design or experience designing /conducting user studies   

Further Information

  • Project Presentation for PG in WS 23/24: 19/07/2023 (old slides).
  • Language: English.
  • Project Supervisors: Patricia Arias Cabarcos, Emiram Kablo
  • Tasks in Jupyter: there will be a programming assignment and questionnaire to ensure that participants are a good fit and can successfully carry out the PG
  • For the Wintersemester 23/24 we plan to have weekly meetings in the beginning every Tuesday at 13:00 in the F-building. Please only register for the PG in WS if you can attend the weekly meetings in person!
  • In the Wintersemester 23/24 the PG PriOSS is having another run, means the first PriOSS PG already started to develop a webpage which will be further developed. You can access the current state of the webpage here: