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The following lists shows applications and code related to research topics of the CSS group. More code can be found on the github page of our associated group, Webis.

Applications and services

args — The argument search engine: An online prototype argument search engine for the web. Special thanks to Jana Puschmann, Jiani Qu, and Jonas Dorsch. [] [api]

Argumentation-related essay scoring: An online demo that assesses four dimensions of the argumentation quality of persuasive student essays. Special thanks to Patrick Saad and Yamen Ajjour. [demo]

Review argumentation analysis: An online demo that analyzes the sentiment flow, the aspect-based sentiment, and the discourse structure of hotel reviews and scores the reviews. Developed in the BMBF research project ArguAna. [demo] [api]

Source code and feature files

ACL 2020b. Extractive Snippet Generation for Arguments: Python implementation for our extractive snippet generation for arguments (github link).

ACL 2020a. Target Inference in Conclusion Generation: Python code to reproduce the results of our paper (github link).

ACL 2018a. Counterargument retrieval: Java source code of the experiments on retrieving the best counterargument to an argument without prior topic knowledge. [zip 302 mb]

EMNLP 2017b. Modeling overall argumentation with tree kernels: Java source code of the experiments on the impact of modeling overall argumentation with tree kernels on argumentation-related analysis tasks. [zip 98 mb]

ArgMining 2017b. Argument search framework: The Java source code of an argument search framework that is build upon Apache UIMA and Apache Lucene. The argument search engine args relies on this framework. [to come mid 2018]

ACL 2017. Argumentation quality assessment: Java source code of the experiments and results of the annotation study on argumentation quality assessment in theory and practice. [zip 2mb]

COLING 2016b. Argumentation-related essay scoring: Java source code and Weka ARFF feature files of the experiments on argumentation-related essay scoring. [zip 244mb]

EMNLP 2015. Sentiment flows: Java source code and Weka ARFF feature files of the experiments on the generality and domain robustness of sentiment flow as a model of web review argumentation. [zip 18mb]

COLING 2014. Sentiment flow patterns: Java source code and Weka ARFF feature files of the experiments on our approach to domain-robust sentiment analysis, which is based on a shallow model of review argumentation. [zip 47mb]

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