Fuzzy Pattern Trees

Machine Learning Method for Classification and Regression


Fuzzy pattern tree induction was recently introduced as a novel machine learning method for classification. Roughly speaking, a pattern tree is a hierarchical, tree-like structure, whose inner nodes are marked with generalized (fuzzy) logical operators and whose leaf nodes are associated with fuzzy predicates on input attributes. A pattern tree classifier is composed of an ensemble of such pattern trees, one for each class label. This type of classifier is interesting for several reasons. For example, since a single pattern tree can be considered as a kind of logical description of a class, it is quite appealing from an interpretation point of view. Moreover, in terms of classification accuracy, the method has shown promising performance in first experimental studies.


Evolving Fuzzy Pattern Trees


In the context of data streams, the aspect of efficiency plays an important role, since learning has to be accomplished under hard time (and memory) constraints. Moreover, a learning algorithm should be adaptive in the sense that an up-to-date model is offered at any time, taking new data items into consideration as soon as they arrive and perhaps forgetting old ones that have become obsolete due to a change of the underlying data generating process. To meet these requirements, we develop an evolving version of fuzzy pattern tree learning, in which model adaptation is realized by anticipating possible local changes of the current model, and confirming these changes through statistical hypothesis testing.


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Implementation of Fuzzy Pattern Trees for the WEKA machine learning framework.
Fuzzy Pattern Trees for Classification and Regression ]
Implementation of the Evolving Fuzzy Pattern Trees for Binary Classification on Data Streams, the development is done for MOA and WEKA.
Evolving Fuzzy Pattern Trees]
Implementation of a graphical user interface for visualization and expert interaction.
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Screenshot: Structural Visualization
Screenshot: Decision Boundary Visualization


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