We strive for inclusive teaching, and aim to involve students in the research experience.

Winter Semester 2023/24


  • Proseminar: Human Factors in Security and Privacy (in English)


  • Lecture: Human Factors in Security and Privacy (in English)
  • Seminar: Your Computer is On Fire! (in English)
  • Project Group: Human Factors in Security and Privacy Research (in English)

Open for all

  • Oberseminar: Human Factors in Security, Privacy, and Empirical Software Engineering (in English)

Summer Semester 2023




Theses / Abschlussarbeiten

If you’re interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with us, please email us at theses-empirical-software-engineering@uni-paderborn.de with

  • classes you were most excited about
  • topic(s) you’d be interested in
  • prior experience with human factors methods and/or research (it’s ok if there is none)
  • prior programming experience
  • industry / work experience (if any)
  • why you want to write your thesis with us
  • preferred language (English or German).