The Human-Centered IT Security (HITS) group focuses on the design of security technologies that are easy to use, inclusive, and privacy-friendly. Our vision is that people should be able to live a secure digital life without having deep technical knowledge. Towards this end, we conduct research on a variety of topics, including password security and usability, behavioral implicit authentication, behavioral data privacy, privacy awareness, and transparency enhancing technologies. Take a look at our teaching and research pages for more detailed information and follow us on Twitter!


Patricia attended this year's PETS Symposium in Lausanne, Switzerland and gave an exciting talk about her recent publication in cooperation with KASTEL Security Research Labs from KIT.

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We invited Mattia Mossano (from KIT) to give an interesting talk about phishing in the context of the lecture "Usable Security and Privacy".

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For the first time in presence, CASA (at RUB) conducted a workshop for women in security and cryptography in Bochum. 50 women from 13 countries came together to talk about current research in various fields of security and crypto.

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