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We offer two new lectures this semester:

1. Privacy Enhancing Technologies (Master)

This course will provide students with a basic understanding of privacy risks, the most common technologies to tackle them and the human factors shaping their design. The course will analyze the adversary models and evaluation metrics underlying the design of privacy-enhancing technologies.

Learning outcomes
- Critical reasoning about privacy
- Gain knowledge in the evaluation of privacy risks
- Understand the design aspects of privacy-enhancing technologies
- Get familiar with the latest research in the field
- Analyze and discuss the space of solutions to a given privacy problem

Course Topics (no neccessarily in order and subject to changes)
• Motivation
• Privacy metrics and adversary models
• Anonymous communications
• Data-perturbative privacy-enhancing technologies
• Anonymization algorithms for databases
• Homomorphic encryption and zero knowledge proofs
• Selective disclosure for identity management
• Usable privacy
• Applying privacy principles and case studies


2. Practical Usable Security and Privacy (Bachelor, Semester 5)

Students taking this lecture will gain practical knowledge about usable security and privacy: 1) from the technical side, by programming an application for usable security, or 2) from the human behavior research side, through the design and pretest of a user study.

Students will work alone or in small teams to develop an usable security concept with dedicated mentorship along the way. At the end, they will submit a technical report or paper and present their application or study design and preliminary results in a conference-style format.

Programming Track Topics

  • Visualization app to explore Facebook behavioural data collection

User Study Track Topics

  • Neurotechnologies, Neuroprivacy, and User Acceptance
  • Exploring users ability to opt-out from FB data collection practices



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