Emiram's Guest Talk @ SE­CUSO group of KIT in Karls­ruhe

On 1st of February, Emiram was invited by the research group SECUSO at KIT, headed by Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer, to give a guest talk as part of their research seminar. She spoke about usable and secure authentication in VR and outlined future lines towards brainwave authentication and neuroprivacy. Thanks for the invitation!

Enhancing Authentication in Virtual Reality: A Usable and Secure Future Perspective


Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly transforming various domains, from entertainment and education to critical fields like healthcare and military operations. This emerging technology, while offering immersive experiences, introduces unique challenges in safeguarding sensitive data, which require both robust and usable authentication mechanisms. In this talk, we explore the specific challenges users face with VR authentication environments, characterized by diverse input methods and interactive complexities, and outline potential solutions for the future.

Copyright: SECUSO, Mattia Mossano