Since April 2023, the group is headed by Dr. Bastian Bloessl, who is acting as substitute professor for the summer term.

Dr. Klingler has left Paderborn University and is now a Jun.-Prof. at TU Ilmenau, leading the Wireless Network and Computer/Communications group:

Prof. Dr. Holger Karl has left Paderborn University and is now working at the University of Potsdam.

Welcome to the web page of the Computer Networks Group!

We are dealing with all kinds of networking: Internet in general, Internet of Things, or data-centre networks. Specifically, we are interested in network function virtualisation and distributed cloud computing: the idea that (1) services rendered by an IT system comprise both networking functionality as well as actual data processing and storage functionality and (2) that these services can be distributed inside a network to optimise for various desirable behaviours. Examples could be to run a latency-sensitive application inside an operator network, to preprocess and compress data even while it is being collected from IoT devices, or to make the processing of wireless signals more flexible by realising it in software, executed on or near to cellular basestations. Other application areas are industrial wireless scenarios or data-centre traffic engineering. We pursue these topics in a range of projects, funded by, e.g., the European Union and DFG. 

In teaching, our group starts from basic systems classes in the fourth Bachelor semester over computer networks and distributed systems classes, leading to Master-level classes on mobile communication and future internet. In addition, we offer courses on performance evaluation as well as regular seminars and project groups. 

Please see our research and teaching pages for more information and use the navigation menu at the top.