Teach­ing State­ment

Following Humboldt’s ideal of education our group unites research and teaching in Computer Engineering at university level. Our Bachelor courses teach solid foundations and emphasize basic problem solving skills, which provides graduates with entry-level industrial career opportunities. Our Master courses expand knowledge and problem solving skills and allow students to specialize in computer systems. Graduates equipped with the necessary in-depth understanding of modern computing technologies are in a top position to be successful in today’s rapidly changing technological environments. Our advanced Master courses also acquaint students with research methods and questions, which prepares them for careers in academia and industrial research. 

We try to motivate students to actively participate in the courses, be critical, and question underlying assumptions. We are deeply convinced that successful education in Computer Engineering requires us to combine classical lectures with hands-on experience. To fully understand problems and how to solve them students need to be exposed to practical experiments and design tasks. Practical educational elements and group projects are also great for developing soft skills such as organizing, communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, writing, and presenting. 

The courses offered by the Computer Engineering Group are primarily for students of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Please use the navigation at the top or right to navigate to the course offerings for a specific semester or to student projects.