The following bachelor's and master's theses are open, currently supervised, or have been supervised in the past by members of the CSS Group. For all theses, we expect students to have a background in natural language processing and/or machine learning.

Details on all open topics upon request. In case you are interested in writing your thesis on one of these topics, contact the specified group member. Other thesis topics than those listed here may also be possible.


  • For the time being, topics will be discussed individually with interested students. The general direction of topics is defined by our research area.
  • In case of interest, send a mail from your official UPB address. Mails from other addresses will not be replied to, unless we are sure about the sender's identity.
  • Notice that you can write your master thesis with our group, only if your focus area is "Intelligence and Data"


  • Knowledge based counter-argument generation (tentative title). Master's thesis.
  • Effects of Personal Bias in Arguments on their Quality (tentative title). Master's thesis.
  • Computational Neutralization of Wikipedia text (tentative title). Master's thesis.
  • Domain-aware Text Professionalization (tentative title). Bachelor's thesis.
  • Improving Learners’ Arguments by Detecting and Generating Missing Argument Components. Master's thesis.
  • Gender-inclusive Coreference Resolution using Pronoun Preference. Master's thesis, Jan-Luca Hansel.
  • Knowledge Base Enhanced & User-centric Dialogue Design for OTF Computing. Master's thesis.
  • Evaluating Data-Driven Approaches to Improve Word Lists for Measuring Social Bias in Word Embeddings. Master's thesis, Vinay Kaundinya Ronur Prakash.
  • Dialect-aware Social Bias Detection using Ensemble and Multi-Task Learning. Master's thesis, Sai Nikhil Menon.

Past (as of 2018)

  • Cross-domain Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis with Multimodal Sources. Master's thesis, Pavan Kumar Sheshanarayana, 2022, UPB.
  • Comparative Evaluation of Automatic Summarization Techniques for German Court Decision Documents. Master's thesis, Josua Köhler, 2022, UPB.
  • Computational Analysis of Cultural Differences in Learner Argumentation. Master's thesis, Garima Mudgal, 2022, UPB.
  • Propaganda Technique Detection Using Connotation Frames. Master's thesis, Vinaykumar Budanurmath, 2022, UPB.
  • Contrastive Argument Summarization using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. Master's thesis, Jonas Rieskamp, 2022, UPB.
  • Mitigation of Gender Bias in Text using Unsupervised Controllable Rewriting. Master's thesis, Maja Brinkmann, 2021, UPB.
  • Assessing Stereotypical Social Biases in Text Sequences using Language. Master's thesis, Meher Vivek Dheram, 2021, UPB.
  • Modeling Context and Argumentativeness of Sentences in Argument Snippet Generation. Master's thesis, Harsh Shah, 2021, UPB.
  • Political Speaker Transfer: Learning to Generate Text in the Styles of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Master's thesis, Jonas Bülling, 2021, UPB.
  • Quantifying Social Biases in News Articles with Word Embeddings. Bachelor's thesis, Maximilian Keiff, 2021, UPB.
  • Computational Text Professionalization using Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Models. Master's thesis, Avishek Mishra, 2021, UPB.
  • Assessing the Argument Quality of Persuasive Essays using Neural Text Generation. Master's thesis, Timon Gurcke, 2021, UPB.
  • Automatic Conclusion Generation using Neural Networks. Bachelor's thesis, Torben Zöllner, 2020, UPB.
  • Computational Analysis of Metaphors based on Word Embeddings. Bachelor's thesis,  Simon Krenzler, 2020, UPB. 
  • Semi-supervised Cleansing of Web-based Argument Corpora. Bachelor's thesis, Jonas Dorsch, 2020, BUW.
  • Countering Natural Language Arguments using Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Generation. Master's thesis, Arkajit Dhar, 2020, UPB.
  • Snippet Generation for Argument Search. Bachelor's thesis, Nick Düsterhus, 2019, UPB.
  • Argument Quality Assessment in Natural Language using Machine Learning — bachelor's thesis, Till Werner, 2019, UPB.
  • Stance Classification in Argument Search. Master's thesis, Philipp Heinisch, 2019, UPB.
  • Towards a Large-scale Causality Graph. Bachelor's thesis, Yan Scholten, 2019, UPB.

Past (un­til 2017)

  • Cross-Domain Mining of Argumentation Strategies using Natural Language Processing. Master's thesis, 2017, BUW.
  • Mining Relevant Arguments at Web Scale. Master's thesis, 2017, BUW.
  • Identifying Controversial Topics in Large-Scale Social Media Data. Master's thesis, 2016, BUW.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness of Multi-Stage Machine Learning Algorithms for Text Quality Assessment. Master's thesis, 2013, UPB.
  • An Expert System for the Automatic Construction of Information Extraction Pipelines. Master's thesis, 2012, UPB.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness of Text Classification in Information Extraction Pipelines. Master's thesis, 2012, UPB.
  • Efficient Information Extraction for Creating Use Case Diagrams from Text. Master's thesis, 2012, UPB.
  • Heuristic Search for the Run-time Optimization of Information Extraction Pipelines. Master's thesis, 2012, UPB.
  • Aggregation and Visualization of Market Forecasts. Bachelor's thesis, 2011, UPB.
  • Branch Categorization based on Statistical Analysis of Information Retrieval Results. Bachelor's thesis 2011, UPB.
  • Evaluation of Cooperative Robot Motion Strategies in Simbad. Bachelor's thesis, 2009, UPB.

UPB: Paderborn University, BUW: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar