Recent lectures, project groups, seminars and other courses are listed in the accordion beneath. A preview of upcoming courses can be found further down below, followed by older courses.

Recent Courses

  • Project Group: Multi-FPGA HPC Applications (Master CS, CE) (Dr. Tobias Kenter) - Not enough registrations in winter term, postponed to summer term 2023
  • The new lecture Introduction to High-Performance Computing (Bachelor CS, CE) will not be held in winter term 2022/23 and will be  postponed to summer term 2023​​​​
  • Lecture: High-Performance Computing (Master CS, CE)
  • Seminar: High-Performance Computing
  • Continuation of project group started in winter term 21/22 (Master CS, CE)

Planned courses (forecast)

As of now, the following lectures, seminars and project groups are planned for the upcoming terms. In addition, we will offer CS/CE project groups and/or Systementwurf-Teamproject and seminars (offered irregularly).

Please note, the information for the next two terms should be very reliable. Plans for the longer future are subject to change. 

 “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” ― Yogi Berra

Planned courses

  • Lecture: Advanced Computer Architecture (Master CS, CE)
  • Probably no lectures due to sabbatical
  • TBD
  • Lecture: Advanced High-Performance Computing (Master CS, CE) (new lecture)
  • Lecture: Introduction to High-Performance Computing (Bachelor CS, CE)
  • Lecture: Advanced Computer Architecture (Master CS, CE)

Previous Courses

Please note that the lecture Hardware/Software Codesign will not be offered as a regular lecture in summer term 2018. It is planned that the lecture will be held in a revised form in an 6 ECTS format in summer term 2019 again.

If there is sufficient demand from students of the Computer Engineering Master's program (old regulations, pre WS 2017/18) that need to take HW/SW Codesign as part of the mandatory Computer Science module I will offer a version of this lecture as a block course. The date and format of this course will be discussed with the students concerned.