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Project Group: HPC Performance Almanac (HPC-PA)

The goal of this project group is to build a develop a trusted database of performance data for common operations in HPC applications (e.g., numerical operations, communication, I/O). The performance characterization data for each of these operations will be determined with empirical measurement in a continuous integration pipeline. To make the data easily accessible for researchers and practitioners, all data will be made available through a web application that supports:

  • visualization of data with plots
  • selection and configuration of data
  • download/embedding of visualizations, structured data, and raw data
  • download of benchmarking code

All code and data will be released under an open source/data license.

For realizing this project, we are looking for students with a broad selection of skills and interests, in particular:

  • webapp frontend and backend development
  • data visualization and analysis 
  • continuous integration toolchain for performance measurements
  • parallel computing and code optimization
  • scientific writing

You find more details in the slides that have been presented at the project group presentation event,


Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl


Christian Plessl
+49 5251 60-5399
+49 5251 60-1714

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